Season  5


Season Coverage

Indy Week, July 10, 2019: A+A Dance Company Stress Tests Concert Dance's Capacity for Unvarnished Trauma

Durham Magazine, June 27, 2019: Weekend at a Glance: TASTE, Tunes and Taylor

Indy Week, June 25, 2019: A+A Dance Company's New Work on Femme-Phobia Lets the Seams in Modern Dance Show 

Artist Soapbox, June 17, 2019: 079: A+A Dance Company critiques misogynistic systems with "Don't Get Any Ideas, Little Lady"

Durham Magazine, June/July issue: Page 10

Durham Magazine, May 16, 2019: Weekend at a Glance: Bimbé, Brews and Ballet

Indy Week, May 15, 2019: Jasmine Powell Explores the Vulnerability of Black Womanhood Through Dance and Poetry

Indy Week, April 17, 2019: Movement and Sound Trio Paideia at the Scrap Exchange

Durham Magazine, April issue: Page 50

Indy Week, March 15, 2019: Kristin Clotfelter's New Dance Work Couldn't Exist Without You


Indy Week, March 6, 2019: You Become the Title Character in Kristin Clotfelter's New Dance Experiment


Indy Week, February 8, 2019: Culture Mill presents Talking with Strangers by David Norsworthy

Indy Week, January 24, 2019: Renay Aumiller's RAW Laid Open the Intricacies of Making Indie Dance Mid-Career

Indy Week, January 9, 2019: As the Local Dance Scene's Borders Expand, Its Center Can Be Harder to Find

DIDA Mentions 

Indy Week, January 2, 2019: Our Top 15 Theater and Dance Shows of 2018

Artist Soapbox : What does the dance community need? DIDA considers challenges and what the future holds

Season  4


Season Coverage


Indy Week, January 2, 2018: Our Top 15 Theater and Dance Shows of 2018

Indy Week, July 4, 2018: The Many Moving Parts of the Bipeds 54 Strange Words Don't Always Perfectly Mesh. But When They Do, It's Spectacular.


News & Observer, June 21, 2018: Ambition Meets Innovation

Indy Week, June 14, 2018: Anna Barker Burns Toxic Masculinity and Self Doubt as Fuel for a Work Full of Humor and Beauty

Artist Soapbox Podcast, June 11, 2018: Dance, Play and Dream in 54 Strange Words with Stacy Wolfson and Curtis Eller of The Bipeds

Indy Week, April 26, 2018: DIDA Branches Out into Indian Classical Dance with Ramya Kapadia

Indy Week, March 21, 2018: In Frivolous Artist Ginger Wagg Dances Around the Usual Relationship Between Performers and Audiences to Highlight our Significance and Question Her Own


Susan Broili Arts, March 10, 2018: Double Bill 


Indy Week, January 17, 2018: Metamorphoses, Water Balloons and Blood-Smeared Debutante Balls in Nicola Bullock's IMAGO

Susan Broili Arts, January 11, 2018: New "IMAGO"

Indy Week, January 10, 2018: Leaving the US Sharpened Nicola Bullock's Perspective on What the South Expects of Women


Susan Broili Arts, December 21, 2017: "I Promise" Powerful

Indy Week, December 20, 2017: Design Elements Obscure Some of the Hardest Truths in ShaLeigh Dance Works' I Promise

CVNC, December 15, 2017: ShaLeigh Dance Works' I Promise Shows Honest, Personal Divided America

Susan Broili Arts, December 14, 2017: Trump-inspired Dance

Indy Week, December 13, 2017: ShaLeigh Dance Works Asks How to Heal a Nation of Others in I Promise

Indy Week, December 13, 2017: From Intergenerational Traumas of Race and Gender, Murielle Elizeon Extracts Universal Catharsis in Brown

Triangle Today, December 8, 2017: With 'I Promise' SHaLeigh Dance Works Addresses the Nation's Polarization


UNC, November 14, 2017: MFA Candidate Jonh Blanco Performin in DIDA Season Work I Promise

Susan Broili Arts, November 10, 2017: Uncle Sam Wants YOU! Review

Indy Week, November 8, 2017: Dance as a political weapon in DIDA season opener Uncle Sam Wants YOU!

Susan Broili Arts, October 31, 2017: Uncle Sam Wants YOU! Preview

Indy Week, October 7, 2017: DIDA Season Launch Event

Indy Week, August 15, 2017: Durham Independent Dance Artists announces new season balancing "Risk and Excellence"


DIDA Mentions

Indy Week, December 3, 2017: We'll Have a Crystal Ball: Glimpse What's Coming to the Indy's Pages and Triangle Stages in 2018

Indy Week, October 11, 2017: As the focal point of North Carolina dance shifts from campus to increasingly professional independent dance artists, two statewide showcases adapt

Indy Week, September 13, 2017: Fall into dance: The Triangle dance scene stays on point and en pointe year-round

Season  3


Season Coverage 

Indy Week, July 27, 2017: Justin Tornow and COMPANY look at dance from every angle in No. 19/Modulations

Indy Week, July 19, 2017: Justin Tornow and Heather Gordon reunite with more multimedia dance innovations in No. 19/Modulations

Indy Week, June 14, 2017: DIDA revels in ethereal connections with Renay Aumiller’s boneGlow

CVNC, June 2, 2017: As the pendulum swings: RAD's boneGlow

Indy Week, May 31, 2017: Renay Aumiller dances with danger in the form of four large metal pendulums in boneGlow

Indy Week, May 17, 2017: Rabble and Twine’s The Mesoplanets shines in multimedia atmosphere but needs stronger movement

The Five Points Star, May 8, 2017: Orbiting in the Outer Reaches

Indy Week, April 26, 2017: Assessing the Spring shows from Durham Independent Dance Artists according to its implicit vision of dance without borders

Indy Week, November 23, 2016: Stephanie Leathers and company deconstruct Durham development in Home: the metamorphosis

Indy Week, October 27, 2016 Fake It Till You Make It is a delirious Fantasia with Trump and Travolta

Indy Week, October 14, 2016: In Fake It Till You Make It, Tommy Noonan and Compagnie Marie Lenfant find unstable common ground in the masks of politicians 

Indy Week, September 23, 2016: A rooftop pop-up performance of Quadrants by Stephanie Leathers

Indy Week, August 10, 2016: New performers, new personnel and new venues enliven Durham Independent Dance Artists’ 2016-17 season

DIDA Mentions

The Herald Sun, June 15, 2017: ADF Season also features other artists with NC connections 

The News & Observer, June 14, 2017: NC dancers in spotlight at ADF

Indy Week, December 14, 2017: Casting concentric rings in global waters, Culture Mill imports sustainable practices to Saxapahaw

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